A Better Way for Your Customers to Pay

With Pay in Your Currency, a premier Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) solution, your international customers can pay in their own currency when they use their Visa or MasterCard credit card abroad. Merchants are able to reduce their cost of foreign card processing and provide a more personalized service, while continuing to be paid in their local currency. With Pay in Your Currency, everybody benefits.

Whether its tourists looking to shop (preferably with their own currency), or business travelers who want to simplify expense accounting upon returning home, Pay in Your Currency offers a powerful incentive for international travelers to return to participating merchants wherever their travels take them. EMPSS offers this personalized service across retail, restaurant, and hospitality environments through an array of supported technologies.

Merchants looking to enhance their customer service and attract more valued international customers should contact us, and start taking advantage of Pay in Your Currency’s benefits today!

For Merchants – You Can:

  • Attract new, international customers.
  • Encourage repeat business.
  • Create a personalized pricing experience.
  • Offer superior customer service.
  • Create an additional revenue stream
For Cardholders

  • There are No surprises! Customers see the exact amount of their purchase in their home currency at time-of-sale and on their statement.
  • Tourists traveling abroad can enjoy the certainty of knowing the final cost in their own currency.
  • Business travelers appreciate the convenience of accurate expense accounting on the fly.

How Pay in Your Currency Works

Offering Pay in Your Currency and experiencing the benefits is easy for both merchants and their international customers.
Visa and MasterCard transactions are automatically identified at the point-of-sale after the card is swiped or keyed.

Transaction Steps:

  • POS terminal prints the receipt displaying the transaction total in the local currency, the foreign exchange rate and your customer’s home currency.
  • Customer selects their currency on the receipt and signs the receipt.
  • Final amount on the customer’s receipt will match the amount on their credit card billing statement.