Merchants Can Price Goods & Services in Multiple
Currencies and Receive Settlements in a Local Currency

With e-commerce and mail-order/telephone-order (MO/TO) businesses, shoppers today make purchases from all over the world. Local e-commerce and mail-order/telephone-order (MO/TO) merchants can maximize global sales potential with Minimal Effort.

Merchants can set pricing in over 100 cardholder currencies to customers paying with
their Visa, MasterCard or JCB cards and receive settlements in their own currency.

For Example:

As a U.S. Merchant, your:
  • Cardholders in Japan can make purchases in Yen (JPY).
  • Cardholders in China can make purchases in Yuan Renminbi (CNY).
  • Cardholders in Europe can make purchases in Euro (EUR).
  • Cardholders in Canada can make purchases in Canadian Dollar (CAD).
  • Cardholders in Australia can make purchases in Australian Dollar (AUD).
  • And so on…
  • All settlements would occur in USD!
Multi-Currency Pricing Benefits
  • Merchant can set fixed pricing or opt to have a variable pricing solution.
  • Merchants can turns international browsers into proactive sales channels.
  • Multi-Currency Pricing is provided via a single local merchant account.
  • Merchants are not required to setup an international entity, foreign bank or wire transfer service.
  • Multi-Currency Pricing is an easy-to-integrate Merchant website solution.
Our multi-currency processing solutions offers Merchants a powerful competitive advantage – a product suite to increase profitability and differentiates your business from the competition.
Create a personalized online shopping experience for your customers and expand your local sales globally! Get Started Now.