DCC at ATMs is the premier Dynamic Currency Conversion service for ATMs.  It lets international customers view and pay for their ATM transactions in their own currency when using a debit card. Our Casino Cash DCC solution brings the convenience of our Pay in Your Currency service to the gaming industry.

Offering Casino Cash DCC, a superior customer pricing service, it translates into an additional revenue stream, attracts new international customers and drives repeat business! With Casino Cash DCC, casino operators provide international patrons the option to make a cash advance in their home currency, when using their Visa or MasterCard.

Authorized credit/debit card transactions are identified automatically at the POS terminal and/or Kiosk,
and the international patron is given the choice of being billed in their own currency.  

When patrons choose to pay in their home currency, they can retrieve their funds from in the cage and their receipt will reflect that the transaction has been processed in their own currency.

Casino Operator Benefits:
  • New revenue stream on foreign transactions.
  • Enhanced product offering in casinos.
  • Attracts new business.
International Patron benefits:
  • Choice, clarity and convenience.
  • Transparency – patrons know the exact amount of their cash advance in their home billing currency.
Using DCC at ATMs is Simple
  • Eligible transactions are identified after a customer’s debit card is entered into an ATM.
  • An additional screen on the ATM shows the withdraw amount in both the ATM currency and dispenses monies in the cardholder’s currency.
  • Customers make a selection and receive a receipt confirming the transaction amounts.

DCC at ATMs offers provides an added benefit to Banks and ATM Providers earning additional profit margin on each foreign-card transaction and Travelers know, when a withdraw occurs, the exact amount debited from their bank account and in their own currency.

Create a personalized ATM withdraw experience, generate repeat customers and earn additional profit margins on each foreign-card transaction!  Get Started Now.