UnionPay Online & Offline Payments

EMPSS is more than just the typical service bureau Payment Service Provider!

We empower our U.S. Merchants to capitalize on China Tourism, attending University students and Asia Pacific Rim B2B, B2C & C2C markets.

To capture this ever-growing market on behalf of our Merchant Clientele, EarthPayments.Com has established a combined Mission to:

  1. Promote outbound tourism from within China and direct Chinese tourists to our Merchant clientele positioned within favored US travel destination cities.
  1. Ensure our Merchant clientele are China Ready and equipped to accept the Chinese preferred method of payment.

For further information about our China outbound tourism marketing initiatives please contact us at
 inbox@empss.com or via telephone at (818) 697-8557 X222 (ask for Jim Wilson).

China’s Outbound Travel Boom

The Chinese market is booming! Not only is the country’s population larger than anywhere else in the world, currently sitting at more than 1.4 billion people — but also it’s one of the hottest source markets for outbound travel today, accounting for billions of dollars in travel sales.

Number of visitors to the United States from China from 2002 to 2021 (in millions)*

This statistic illustrated below shows the number of visitors to the United States from China from 2002 to 2021. In 2015, there were approximately 2.59 million visitors from China to the U.S. This figure was forecasted to rise above 5.72 million in 2021.

China is #1 in spending per traveler averaging over $7,000 per trip compared to $3500 competing card brands.

About China UnionPay

  • UnionPay is the national card brand in China having a 97% market share (with VISA/MasterCard being virtually non-existent).
  • UnionPay touts having ~800k cardholders with ~6B+ cards in circulation (90% of all UnionPay cards are issued from within China).
  • UnionPay has surpassed VISA & MasterCard for most cards issued and is now ranked #1 in the world.
  • UnionPay transactions average $300 compared to $80 for the competing card brands.
  • Chinese prefer booking travel and shopping excursions where their UnionPay card is accepted.
  • Brand familiarity and convenience among Chinese drives increased spending at Merchants locations who accept UnionPay.
  • Foreign Currency Controls in China create challenges for Chinese travelers; cash-on-hand amounts are limited, insufficient, and costly.
  • ATM daily cash withdraw during travel is restrictive and costly.

UnionPay cardholders and is supported by over 50 Chinese Financial Institutions that issue UnionPay cards.
With UPOP, UnionPay cardholders have several ways of making purchases online:

VeriPay | ExpressPay | Easy-Pay | Pre-Pay | eBank-Pay

Benefits of UnionPay Acceptance

UnionPay is a “stand-alone” independent service offered by EMPSS.   Merchants are not required to accept traditional card types such as Visa, MasterCard, or Discover under our program.

UnionPay provides many Merchant benefits beyond attracting their cardholders and buying power. Merchants have the option of processing UnionPay transactions in U.S. Dollar (USD), Renminbi/Yuan (CNY) or Hong Kong Dollar HKD.

Further, unlike the traditional card networks, UnionPay entails:

  • No complicated interchange pricing formulas or billing models – JUST ONE SINGLE DISCOUNT RATE.
  • No cross border fees.
  • No downgrades.
  • No egregious dispute rules that heavily favor cardholders causing unfavorable chargebacks.
  • No additional currency conversion fees.
  • No egregious Card Brand pass thru fees.
  • No additional Bank requirements because you process non-US cardholders.

Acceptance of UnionPay is a must to attract Chinese consumers
and their buying power and a key to tapping into this lucrative market!


UnionPay Online Payments “UPOP”) Acceptance is beneficial not only for hospitality merchants requiring reservation bookings from within China, but also for U.S. Merchants positioned in the Asia Pacific Rim such as B2B, B2C demographics.

According to the China Internet Network Information Center, as of the end of 2014 China boasted more than 618-million internet users.  

The rise of the digital age in China means that travel booking is also going online with more than half of Chinese international travelers (53 percent) booking their hotel accommodation on the web or via mobile apps.

China represents one of the fastest-growing markets for internet sales, making the Chinese a highly-engaged online consumer group that today’s travel companies and retailers cannot afford to ignore.

For an in-depth analysis of the China Online Statistics,
Deloitte has posted a comprehensive China E-Retail Market Report published in 2016.

Download Report

Travel and shopping has traditionally been a hassle for Chinese tourists when they travel outside their borders. Card acceptance at the point-of-sale has been either non-existent or intermittent at best because technology constraints at the point-of-sale have forced them to use cash.

Most Chinese carry – the national card brand, UnionPay debit and or credit cards. It is the preferred and most trusted card brand for the Chinese traveler.

The acceptance of those cards has been a challenge because of the incompatible method of processing with the traditional card brands and terminals installed at the point-of-sale.  UnionPay boasts a 98 percent market share in China.  Thus, UnionPay acceptance is a must for U.S. merchants seeking to tap into the Chinese consumer market.

One of the biggest challenges U.S. Merchants face with UnionPay Offline (Card Present) Acceptance is pin debit code incompatibility. This causes transaction failure, intermittent connection challenges, consumer frustrations and ultimately lost sales.

Our solution provides 100% pin debit compatibility!

UnionPay Card Present Acceptance (EMV and/or MAG-Strip)

EMPSS offers a wide variety of UnionPay card present solutions; all of which are EMV certified and 100% PIN Debit Code reliable.  

EMPSS supports

  • Brick & Mortar: POS Stand-Alone Terminals (IP & Bluetooth enabled).
  • Brick & Mortar: POS Systems (including, but not limited to MICROS, Aloha, Opera, Merchant-Link, Agilysys, etc.)
  • Mobile Merchants (on the move): POS Stand-Alone Terminals (GPRS enabled) and Mobile APPs with EMV Dongles.

Are You China Ready?

Several card processing companies and even a major Card Brand state that they are able to process UnionPay Card Present transactions with PIN Debit Authentication. Yet, most U.S. merchants are unaware that it’s not an automatic end-to-end solution.  Merchants are told that they can accept the China UnionPay card at the point of sale and that the consumer can swipe their card, input their pin and the transaction will process successfully. But can they really?

Among the ~6-billion China UnionPay cards in existence today, about 90% are debit cards requiring a PIN Code Authentication for transactions to be approved. The fact is that other card processing companies can only process credit card transactions with limited certainty.  Any attempts to process UnionPay debit cards have an intermittent success rate at best.

In one example, where a national retail department store was cited in a press release as being “UnionPay Ready,” their Mandarin expert stated that “the store loses countless sales from Chinese shoppers due to the fact they cannot authenticate UnionPay PIN Debit Codes as they were lead to believe”.

Not only do the transactions decline causing embarrassment to the UnionPay cardholders (knowing they have an “open to buy”); but also, the store and employees who are commission-incentivized have lost significant revenues.

EMPSS can successfully processes both credit and debit cards with 100% PIN Code Authentication.